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About Us

About our 'naturally luxurious collection'

The 'naturally luxurious collection' of home ware products is totally organic and free from chemical dyes and bleaches. Using traditional craftsmanship, only 100% natural fibres such as cotton, raw silk, llama, alpaca, corriedale and merino are used to create luxurious throws, pillows and blankets. These soft, warm and durable pieces are the ultimate in luxury and timeless.

We have also created a luxury range of fashion accessories working with pure cashmere, alpaca, merino and sheep's wool. Timeless elegance and sophistication is the inspiration behind the accessories range. Each piece feels lovely against the skin, is beautifully made and durable.

Touch is the principal theme behind the our range. Each product is either hand woven on looms or hand-knitted with care, passion and real attention to detail which results in a uniquely comfortable, durable and luxurious texture.

The collection strives to produce the perfect alignment of stylistic elements necessary to satisfy a diverse range of tastes. Each piece within the collection is a forever product.

We welcome you to our collection and hope you enjoy our products.


Pure Lana is proud to be a Campaign for Wool (CfW) partner, a global collaboration aimed at educating consumers on the natural benefits of wool and support for farmers across the globe. Click on the CfW logo to learn more.

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Jo Walker - Managing Director